Being proud of one’s homeland is the sentiment that unites the citizens of a nation, two fundamental elements that identify it and showcase its history and origins are the flag and anthem.

The idea to enclose in a wearable object these two elements was the goal we set for ourselves, and the response to this challenge was the creation of this ring in 925 silver representing the Flag and the entire anthem of the United States of America. Inside we decided to represent the bald eagle, symbol of freedom, strength, bravery, long life and famous for its majestic gaze.

All this engraved on noble metal. The complexity of this work was dictated by the attention to detail, our priority to obtain a unique object and high craftsmanship and artistic value.

The ring was born from pure metal that was bound and melted in contact with fire, deformed and modeled in a way so to obtain a slab on which to imprint with great strength our pride, and in a completely artisan way it was created and refined by hand, every ring may seem the same but looking more carefully small differences can be seen, proof of its authentic artisan creation.

Doing so we created a project, an object that can be worn every day, a detail to be exhibited with pride, that identifies and brings  origin and history together, a real jewel, that each one of you will contribute to making unique.